Modular Accessories

“Automation Friendly” Components Accessories and Modules tailored to meet your precise needs. From microplate-footprint ‘miniRacks’ to complete 4/5-place weighing modules that can be added to existing Robotic Systems. We’re here to help,- if you don’t see what you need, please just ask.



Scans 96 2D Barcodes in typically under a second! Can be used as a standalone or integrated into any robotic systems.








Sirius Roboshield® Enclosures

Sturdy Benchtop Enclosures for your Laboratory Robots and other Lab Equipment.

Lab Racks

Sirius MiniRax® Lab Racks

From Centrifuge to Robot and back again…no more re-racking for Tubes or Vials. SBS Standard Sizes.

Balance Modules

Sirius ABM® Automated Balance Modules

Add an Automated Balance Module with integral Draft Shield to your existing Robot.


Accessories and Consumables

Everything you need for the Care & Feeding of your Robotic Systems.