MiniBot® WeighBot®

Compact Footprint Ultra Fast Weighing Robot

The MiniBot® WeighBot® is a revolutionary new product by Sirius Automation® designed with the speed and the useability in mind. The robot has bar code ( Both 1D and 2D ) integration and provides a much smaller platform suitable for a space-conscious laboratory. This compact robot is suitable for weighing small vials with an incredible throughput. Gravimetric Verification of MiniTube volumes can now be done with speed (~6 minutes/96-tube plate) and precision (0.1mg/0.01mg)! Suitable for operation in cramped laboratory conditions, fume hoods, on carts and even inside glove-boxes. Expanded deck also offers Ultra-Fast Cherry-Pick/Tube-Sorting.

  • Easily Portable/Sharable Between Groups for Maximum Utilization
  • Standalone Use or Integratable with Large Scale Automation

Key Functions

  • High-Throughput Weighing (~4 sec/sample)
  • Tube Sorting (on an expanded deck)
  • Minitubes, Vials or other Labware Selections
  • 1D/2D Barcode Scanning
  • Capping/Uncapping
  • Solids Dosing
  • Seamless LIMS Integration
  • 21CFR11 & GLP Compliance Capable
  • Pushbutton Operation using ‘Active Surface’ Tablet
  • Walkaway, Reliable, Durable, Rugged and EASY to Operate


  • Standard Dimensions (inch): 14 W X 21 D X 16 H
  • Weight (lb): 40
  • Power: 120 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Air Pressure (PSI): 60
  • Operating Temperature (C): 14 – 35
  • Operating Humidity: 30 – 85%