It doesn’t matter if you possess the latest bleeding edge technology if it isn’t implemented to be Robust, Reliable and 100% Reproducible. Sirius Automation is a leader in delivering Components, Modules & Systems that provide those three “R’s” without either hesitation or argument.

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Automated Systems

Sirius MiniTasker



The MiniTasker® is a General Purpose Modular Laboratory Robot for such everyday tasks as Analytical Weighing (4 or 5 place), Sample ID (1D or 2D barcodes), Vial Sorting, Dilutions, Internal Standard Addition, Standard Prep, Un-Capping & Re-Capping, Transfers & Aliquoting. Large Sample Capacity (max 20 microplate racks or custom equivalent), choice of disposables and labware, yet benchtop compact (3’x2’) footprint and easy to use interface (21CFR11 compliance options) with LIMS compatible data management.




MiniBot® WeighBot®

The MiniBot® WeighBot® is a revolutionary new product by Sirius Automation® designed with the speed and the useability in mind. The robot has bar code ( Both 1D and 2D ) integration and provides a much smaller platform suitable for a space-conscious laboratory. This compact robot is suitable for weighing small vials with an incredible throughput. Gravimetric verification of MiniTube volumes can now be done with speed (~6 minutes/96-tube plate) and precision (0.1mg/0.01mg)!







MiniBot® AutoCrimper®

The MiniBot® AutoCrimper® is a perfect solution for laboratories plagued with the task of crimping and decrimping small vials. This robot is designed to be space conscious, so to answer your question, yes, it does fit in a glove box! The AutoCrimper® is already a staple at many laboratories around the world!






Sirius GraviTrac® Series

Walkaway BenchTop Weighing – Labware Weighing, Barcode or Alphanumeric, Three, Four or Five Place Accuracy – with Integral Draft Shield or without – designed to meet your exact standards.


Sirius MultiTasker® Series

Application Directed Systems – Primarily utilized by Pharmaceutical Discovery Chemistry, and based upon our rugged, proven benchtop XYZ robotic chassis, Sirius will design, configure, build, integrate, test & deliver MultiFunction MultiMethod Automation Solutions to address known bottlenecks in your sample processing.


Sirius XTrac® Series

Robotic Extraction Stations – Sample Handling Uniformity and precise quantitation are ensured by automating the precise time each sample is exposed to extraction solvent, with programmable concentrations and sampling/end points.


Sirius BeSpoke® Series

Fully Custom Applications – Based upon our rugged, proven benchtop chassis XYZ Sirius will design, configure, build, integrate, test & deliver completely ‘DeNouveau’ Automated Applications to YOUR confidential specification.


Sirius Trac® Series

Rugged, Proven XYZ Chassis – For in-house ‘DIY’ automation groups, complete with GLP compliance capable software.





Modular Accessories

FlashScan2D® Full Rack 2D Scanner

Scans 96 2D Barcodes in typically under a second! Can be used as a standalone or integrated into any robotic systems.


Sirius Roboshield® Enclosures

Give them a ‘Home’!! Easy Benchtop Enclosures for your Laboratory Robots and Centrifugal Evaporators

Lab Racks

Sirius MiniRax® Lab Racks

From Centrifuge to Robot and back again…no more re-racking for Tubes or Vials. SBS Standard Sizes.

Balance Modules

Sirius ABM® Automated Balance Modules

Add an Automated Balance Module with integral Draft Shield to your existing Robot.


Accessories and Consumables

Everything you need for the Care & Feeding of your Robotic Systems

Software Suite



Integrated Lab Automation Software Suite offers user complete control of their AWS Laboratory Robot