Modular Robot


Compact and Modular Laboratory Robot

This fast and compact (3′ x 2′) Laboratory Robot is perfect for everyday tasks such as Analytical Weighing (4 or 5 place), Sample ID (1D or 2D barcodes), Sorting, Dilutions, Internal Standard Addition, Standard Prep, Un-Capping & Re-Capping, Transfers & Aliquoting. It has large Sample Capacity (max 20 microplate racks or custom equivalent) accommodating your choice of disposables and labware. It is easy to use with LIMS compatible data management.

Fill NMR Tubes

The Solution is Here!

Automatically Fill the NMR Tubes

NMR Tubes are getting thinner and more challenging to fill without air pockets. Sirius MultiTasker® uses its proprietary technologies to accurately fill NMR Tubes with low volume samples (20uL to 100uL). Sirius MultiTasker® can precisely handle NMR tubes as small as 1.7mm OD / 1.3mm ID).

Full Size Systems

Effective Tailored Solutions

Because it MUST be done YOUR way

‘Not just another Liquid Handler’ Sirius Automation replicates your exact Laboratory Methods utilizing standard Labware & Operations. Properly implemented Automation provides substantially better data and safer, happier Staff.




Sirius Automation strives to build the best products to help our customers achieve higher goals. We are rolling out exciting new products at SLAS and Pittcon.

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  • GraviTrac®

    AutoSampler to the Analytical Balance
    Walkaway BenchTop Weighing
    Standard or Custom Labware choices
    3, 4 or 5 Place Accuracy
    Barcoding & Capping Options
    Designed to meet your exact standards

  • MultiTasker®

    Application Directed & Configurable
    MultiMethod, MultiFunction, MultiUser
    Easily Implemented, Rugged, Reliable
    ‘Pick & Place’ Sample handling
    “Real World” Vortex Mixing/Sonication
    Advanced Robotic Systems that WORK.

  • Custom Solutions

    Like classic ‘BeSpoke’ Tailoring, we offer Fully Custom Systems, based upon our rugged, proven XYZ benchtop chassis. Sirius will design, configure, build, integrate, test & deliver completely ‘DeNouveau’ Automation tailored to your exact needs

  • SiriusSlate PDA®

    Join hundreds of SiriusSlate®PDA users to contribute your novel ideas to make this industry-leading automation software suite work better for you and all users! If we incorporate your ideas to our next major SiriusSlate®PDA release, you win an Apple Watch!